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Hey guys! Sooooo this account is really just zodiac posts, signs, and other quotes that I either get from Tumblr or make up myself/get from my friends. I will always give credit. Enjoy, and don't forget BE HAPPY AND PARTY!!! :D (Ask is below pp in case you want to ask me questions. I will most of the time answer.)

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  • Fuck Butterflies I feel the whole zoo when I'm with you.
  • After all this time It's still you...
  • What is love? In Math, an equation In history, a war In chemistry, a reaction In me... you
  • What a CAPRICORN thinks of the zodiacs Aries: Pretty scared of them...pls dont kill me Taurus: COMPETITION Gemini: Annoying...eh Cancer: Super sweet, super awk Leo: Sometimes dey cool, sometimes i REALLY HATE THEM Virgo: These guys tryna perfect everything gets on my nerves..but they cool i guess Libra: Everyone basically likes them Scorpio: Mysterious and different..Also weird Sagittarius: THEY ARE SO FUN-LOVING Aquarius: Cool ppl, activities are fun with them Pisces: Pls stop crying

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  • That awesome feeling when one of your quotes is on the first four of someone's favorite quotes
  • Whenever I am texting someone, i always use two question marks when i ask a question. Everyone thinks I am angry cause i use more than one. Why??
  • When I get bored of seeing the recent quotes, I go to a random profile and scroll through all their favorite quotes
  • The first time you swear in a sentance without realising it...


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