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stripurlursh i accidentally disliked ur pic..i meant 2 press like....sorry....what is it??

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  • What occurs once in a minute, Twice in a moment and NEVER in a thousand years? The answer is on my profile.
  • Poor people have it, Rich people need it, If you eat it you will die, What is it? The answer is on my profile!
  • When you fall I will always be there to catch you! With love from...The Floor
  • When im driving in my car I play eye spy but then i should only have on eye because its eye not eyes do you understand me? If you do the click like and if you dont click like!

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  • If you could pick a new name what would it be? (comment below)
  • *Carton of eggs* Expiration Date: January 23, 2014 8:31 PM. Calendar: Januray 23, 2014. Clock: 8:32 PM Me: I'm such a daredevil.
  • When you find an obstacle in life, don't just fly over it
  • When life gives you lemons, chuck them back. (Really really hard.)


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