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i havent been on this site in literally a year holy going through my posts and cringing at every one of them

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artistrileu Hey! We have the same name!
snoopymeow380 hiii
uppie hii
hightops I LUV ur hair and glasses...theyre ausum...ur quotes r also cool

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  • ~ATTENTION LOLSOTRUE DWELLERS!~ On Friday the 17th of April, stay as silent as you can. This is in rememberance of all the LGBTQ+ members who had to stay silent and not be able to be who they were. Try not to talk for as long as you can. *School is an exeption* Please, spread the word. We need to show the world that we care enough for these people!
  • How to properly cook pizza rolls:
  • Reasons why we get out of the shower. 6% - I'm done. 94% There's no more hot water... Which one are you?
  • Am I the only one that gets 16 pizza rolls instead of the 15 that are supposed to be in the box?

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  • I'm always in a rush to get home so I can do absolutely nothing
  • Why do teachers always say "You should've peed before class started" I can't just summon my pee whenever I want like "O pee cometh forth"
  • The Moment You Try To Turn Your Phone On And Realize It's Upside Down.
  • Math teachers be acting like this is how the world is gonna be

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  • Since when did we replace the word 'said' with 'was like'?
  • 'You wore that before.' 'Yeah, that's because it's my shirt and I have a washing machine.'
  • That one girl everyone likes but you hate because you know deep down she is evil.
  • The closest I've come to murder is holding my Oreos under the milk until the bubbles stop.


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