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Not much to say about me... I'll try to make funny quotes, but there might be a few depressing ones.

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  • Trying to learn a different language and making a fool of yourself: Me (asks a question wrong in spanish) : Estoy emberazada. Teacher: You're pregnant?!?!? Me: NO! Embarrassed! I'm embarrassed! Teacher: You said you're pregnant. Me: Oh, wow. This is why I don't learn new languages.
  • It didn't really mean anything. Funny, it meant quite a lot to me... It was meaningless, and yet it meant the world to me.
  • When I invited you into my life, it wasn’t an invitation to take the knife. When I invited you to be my friend, you weren’t supposed to take my heart. And even if you had to, you didn’t have to break it, too. My feelings and thoughts are not my own, they run amuck and break my bones. They take my heart and give it to people who break it, just like you.
  • The only angle I ever want to find in life: The one where I wash my spoon and don't soak the entire house. Seriously, spoon, WHY?

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  • Who cares how I got into your house. What matters is that we're together now.
  • Say NO! to drugs. Say YES! to drugs. It doesn't really matter what you say to drugs because if you're talking to them, you're taking them.
  • If people are going to judge me then they should at least hold scoreboards so I know how I'm doing.
  • tell him u love him with all your heart <3 "Babe I love U "

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  • I hate it when I say I hate everyone and someone's gotta be like, 'Oh except me lol'. Haha no bitch, especially you.
  • I hate when you had a bad day and instead of people trying to cheer you up, it becomes a competition of 'who's had the shittest life'.
  • When the room is quiet. My stomach: Let me sing you the song of my people.
  • I hate it when I lose stuff at school, like my pencils and papers and life ambitions.


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