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  • Complete objectivity. Meaning that, out in the world there's something happening that's completely objective, it's divorced from our emotions, from our wishes, from our desires. We can never know it exactly as it is because we are human beings with our emotions and all of that, BUT the closer we can get our minds to it, focusing on it, the more powerful we will become. -Robert Greene
  • Our culture began to manufacture endless fantasies for us to consume, and, fed on such illusions we became easier to deceive since we no longer had a mental barometer from distinguishing fact from fiction. 50th law robert greene
  • The greatest danger you face is your mind growing soft, and, your eye growing dull. When things get tough, and, you grow tired of the grind, your mind tends to drift into fantasies. Robert Greene
  • Dont cheat the mission. Do not cheat the mission. You have to live, breathe, & be it. You have to beat the competition who's out to take food off your table. Who's out to, "out master your mastery". Who is working without books, trainings, and, seminars. Who are living ascending mastering, & who are living their truth, as ghandi, jack lalanne, and, other cosmic energies who are living or have passed on in thermodynamic forms.


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