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  • That annoying moment take the Christmas Tree down and you have those tiny leaves stuck on the carpet that WON''T come off.
  • Admit it...every female has almost fallen in the toilet when the seat was up.
  • That moment of "epicness" when someone throws somehing at you really hard, and you catch it with a straight face.
  • Admit it...when we see boots that resemble uggs, we wait until the person walks by to 'make sure'.

Favorite Quotes (4)

  • Why are iPhone chargers not called apple juice?
  • "You've got legs, get it yourself." So do you, asshole, stop being lazy.
  • Having those mini scenarios in your head about if you were married to a hot celeb.
  • Dear Math, I am not a therapist, so please solve your own problems. Sinceraly, Student


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