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steph Your quotes are so relateable! Have a nice day :)
supastarx Thank you! Your quotes are also very relatable and cool too :)
kanija Hey i just though to say hi.What up?
supastarx Hey! I'm doing great, how about you?
jamie109 I love you quotes lol
supastarx Thanks so much! Your quotes are really cool too :)

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  • Is it bad that the only reason I love fall is because all the bugs die?
  • When someone has to tell you what your friend said, but you ask the friend like you don't already know anyways just to see if they will actually tell you the truth to your face
  • I feel like I could never be a critic because I'd be all like "NO NO IT'S AMAZING I SWEAR IT'S GREAT WOW HOW LOVELY" to every single person because I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings
  • When two of your friends get together and you realize you're the third wheel now

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  • Teacher: "Alright everyone go outside!" Me: "I have a perfectly good book right here! I don't need your pathetic excuse to entertain me!"
  • Dear everyone posting emotional quotes about love and life, This website is called LOLSOTRUE. This is not a synonym for EMOTIONALBORINGSTUFFNOBODYCARE SABOUT
  • i hate it when people from my class read these quotes and try and use them in class time & act all cool about it & i just be like girl i saw that sh!t on the internet.
  • Looking back at my old quotes.... Was it that bad??

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  • You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
  • Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.
  • Do you ever just wanna meet the opposite sex version of you?
  • Nice try blocked number, but I don't even answer my phone when I know who is calling.


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