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I am a girl and my profile used 2 be called urshy....but i am the same person... i have named it that cute kid is called milo..and his dad is sooooo hot=Francisco!! i love him!! and i love Beyonce and Blue cute!

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ruby.a.murray yep
laughlifeaway I unfriended u because I dont actually no u well enough to call u my friend but I would dtill like to chat and such
lbinaku And u need to shut your mouth...😉

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  • when your paretns try tp help u with something......and they know NOTHING about it..!!
  • when u keep on calling ur friend DAMION and she gets really annoyed...and i just keep doing it 2 annoy her and now i cant stop LAUGHING!!! u try it.... try caliing ur friend a boy name that annoys them
  • when u hear that a celeb got engaged...and u go...ohh i missed out..(as if it was ever going 2 happen anyway)
  • u press submit on ur quote..then see a spelling mistake...oh damn!!

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  • Why is it that teachers try to induce teamwork into our schools, then the minute I start communicating with friends, I get punished?
  • *Thinks of an amazing quote* *SNEEZES* *Forgets it* Misses out on getting in Guiness Book of Records, Hollywood, no money, no food, homeless, starves, then dies. Moral of the story: DO NOT SNEEZE!
  • Everybody has photographic memory, its just that some never got the SD card put in.
  • Quotes in linked writing are far more tiresome to read, especially if they go on for ages, like this one. I think it is because everyone is lazy, so if you had the time to read this, I must congratulate you on your work ethic, and give you credit. Everything i wrote on here is just spilling out of my head so if you cant be bothered reading the rest, dont, because I probably wouldnt myself. But you can if you have time, and actually want to read my interesting lingo. Linked writing just takes that much longer to read, which annoys me lots. bye


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