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Life is hilarious. Enjoy it. :)

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shimmer Hey guys, it's me, Sophie. I forgot my password so this is my new account.
ayushashete love ya quotes!!
faiido.mohamed Thank you so much!

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  • The ones who say You can't or You won't are usually the ones who are afraid You can or You will.
  • You call it crazy I call it creative
  • I wish there was such thing as part-time school.
  • I dream of a day when I can tell which side is my right and left without making little 'L's with my hands.

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  • I'm going to open a store next to forever 21 and call it finally 22.
  • Getting another set of teeth would be so much more useful at age 60 than age 6.
  • People say that cupid is a symbol for love. Personally, I find an arrow being shot through your heart by a flying baby VERY scary
  • It's amazing how fast your mood can change after you step in some water with socks on


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