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UPDATE 7/16/16 Sup everyone! I can be fun, crazy, weird, hilarious,and sarcastic. I love music, swimming, reading, books, T.V, roller coasters, and much more!That's all I can think of for now, so bye!

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audreyfleur Hi, fellow unicorn!
curlytop3434 Hey! Just saw your post... so sorry all your "friends" acted like that to you! If you ever want to talk, I'm here! :)
curlytop3434 I wouldn't either... try to make other friends who you don't think would do that to you. There's nothing back stabbing friends hate more than seeing you don't care and have moved on. Trust me on that one :)
spirit I think I will try to forget about them. I don't wanna be friends with people who make me cry on my birthday anymore :(
curlytop3434 I don't remember where I heard this... but I heard someone say once "it's okay to cut people out of your life. If they're not helping you or theyre bringing you down, cut them out" dont know if thats really what youre looking for but thought it might help :)
spirit Thank you. I don't know why I am still friends with them they ignored me the entire time :(
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  • Nobody shuts up faster than a teenager who here's the front door open while singing
  • That awkward moment when you think you're home alone so you sing along with you music And then you turn around and your mom/dad/brother/sister is standing there...
  • I used to be healthy, productive, and get plenty of sleep at night. And then I discovered the internet...
  • Things they should teach us in school- -How to pay taxes -How to earn and manage money -How to raise a family Things they do teach us in school- -How to find the area of a triangle

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  • Lol...isn't it funny when your friend betray you for a stupid reason? Isn't it funny when your friend that always says they hate your crush is now his girlfriend? Isn't it funny when your friend is trying to make you jealous by talking about your crush? Isn't it funny when we ignore our parents that keep asking us to not friend with these kind of people? Isn't this life way too funny? Advice: Why don't you just once listen to your parents and live your live to the fullest? I gurantee you good results.
  • when i'm excited me with my friends: OMG!!!! *hugs everyone* me with my parents: *smiles really big* me with my sister: Ella! Ella! ELLA! me alone: ... OH MY FRICKING GOD YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • Fake friends buy you food. Real friends are the reason you have no food


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