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I love Minecraft, anime, and FNaF. (Five Nights at Freddy's.)

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ayushashete anyways love ya quotes
ayushashete but i dont agree with that justin beiber post..
ayushashete heyyyy...your quotes are pretty funny ..

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  • When the spider decided to fall off of the wall.
  • My own "No Valentine" starter pack.
  • Another Valentines Day, another year I'm single..... *sigh*
  • To everyone who thinks this is true.... Wearing glasses doesn't make you any smarter than licking a cow tastes like a hamburger.

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  • The word school has two o's the word Holocaust also has two o's You can actually spell school from the word holocaust. then you're left with aut. school aut autumn. school, autumn school starts in autumn this is actually making a little too much sense


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