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faiido.mohamed Heeey
skyla Yikes, I know how that feels.
faiido.mohamed Pretty great at the moment. Seems like the eye of the storm, though.
skyla It's pretty nice right now actually, how about you?
faiido.mohamed How's life?
skyla Helllooo
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  • I wonder how many more famous athletes there'll be if binge watching becomes a sport...
  • That moment when you see you have a notifcation and you're like: Crap what did I do this time?
  • That scary moment when results that actually have to do with you when you google your name.
  • That moment of acceptance when the plastic ring won't come off your finger

Favorite Quotes (27)

  • How normal people flirt: Hey sexy ;) How I flirt: If you were a'd be a good tree
  • Breaking out into a song whenever you hear a certain word.
  • that moment when all you want to do is lie on your bed and have a good cry..... (like this quote if you do this sometimes, coz I do)


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