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Hey! My name's Sitka. I am currently traveling around the world on an 11 month holiday. I try to post quotes that everyone will enjoy (They are all original).

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atikamasood What comeback did Justin beiber make?
atikamasood HI
sitkalauren Hi! sorry I haven't been online in a while

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  • If justin bieber can make that big of a comeback, I'm sure that my grades can
  • Making decisions like: Well, Nobody's come back from the future to warn me about it so...
  • If someone calls you fat, remember that you can always become fit and work on that issue. The fact that they decided to mention it makes them a socially impaired idiot. What can they do about that? Nothing.
  • Kidnapping? I prefer the term "Surprise adoption"

Favorite Quotes (104)

  • Hospitals, where they provide a bed for you but don't let you sleep
  • Marriage, it's like a walk in the park. Jurassic Park
  • Instead of headstones, we should plant trees where people are buried, so that we have an orchard instead of a lot full of cement.
  • When you have a crush on two different people and you feel as if you have betrayed one of them.

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  • Do you ever just wanna meet the opposite sex version of you?
  • The worst thing is when you have a song stuck in your head but you only know one line.
  • Not everyone you lose is a loss. Unless it's me, then it sucks to be you.
  • Isn't it weird how we basically have an endless mental conversation with ourselves?


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