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Just trying to live through today.

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steph hey! :-)
ayushashete always welcome!
faiido.mohamed Heey XD
faiido.mohamed Welcome to Lolsotrue.

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  • GTG = I don't wanna talk to you anymore
  • That rare lolsotrue quote that actually makes you (; laugh out loud :D (: XD ;P
  • I wonder how many miles I've scrolled with my thumb
  • When you're in a dark room and someone unexpectedly turns on the lights and you feel like a dying vampire

Favorite Quotes (11)

  • Why do we ignore the ones who love us and love the ones who ignore us. -Amani El-Chami
  • Am I the only one that looks at my handwriting and thinks, "If an alien saw this, would they think im using a 27th letter?"
  • You can literally answer "That's what the goverment wants you to think" to anything.
  • I wanna know what goes through a boy's mind when he is falling for a girl.


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