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I tried being normal once... worst 5 minutes of my life!

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meowblockpal u hilarious bro!
steph I love your quotes so much, they are hilarious! And you avatar is cute XD
miwwiegeorgiya Ha ha love your quotes!
piggy.bacon Thanks

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  • When you really need to pee, but your parents are shouting at you...
  • Water is just cloud juice...
  • When your Dad starts swearing at pedestrians, when driving. Me: *turns music up really loud*
  • Double chin on fleek.

Favorite Quotes (18)

  • When you watch a little kid show with your sibling, thinking it's totally lame, but then you end up enjoying it and think what has happened to me
  • When you laugh at your own joke and everyone stares at you like, "No... Just no..."
  • That moment when someone unfollows you and you're just like WAIT COME BACK WHAT'D I DO WRONG TELL ME
  • I hate it when little kids have better comebacks than me. Like, I have to prove I'm more superior than you and you're ruining it.


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