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hey, ...and im back!:)

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shahsalman0007 thnx for the likes ... and nice prof pic :)
pigeon321 Thanks Shah:)
shahsalman0007 yeah itzel ,abolutely :)
pigeon321 Really?
shahsalman0007 i really like the sounding of your name ... really unique ... never heard of such a name before :)
pigeon321 She of the auroras skys or something like that, im honestly not sure
shahsalman0007 thank you ... shah means emperors/kings .. and what does itzel mean
pigeon321 Thank, you dont have a bad name yourself, Shah's a cute name
shahsalman0007 beautiful name .... itzel ... really uncommon
pigeon321 Itz is one of my nicknames, my real name is Itzel, just two extra letters
shahsalman0007 what's your real name by the way ... itz sounds fictious
pigeon321 Your quotes are great, no need to thank me
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shanna hello!! ur online...;D
pigeon321 Bye Shana
shanna haha....dont worry!!! sorry i have to go now...bye :)
pigeon321 Sorry, idk why it came up so many times
shanna hhaha....whats happening with the posts??!?
pigeon321 Dont be so modest, yours are great
shanna haha...thanks!! anyway...whats up?
pigeon321 Dont be so modest, yours are great
pigeon321 Dont be so modest, your are great
shanna thanks but they are better!!!! ;)
pigeon321 Thanks but their not as good as yours
shanna aw thank you!! love ur quotes also...
pigeon321 Thanks, yours is great
shanna i love the profile picture!! :)
pigeon321 Yep
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lorita hheeyy thanx 4 the like...!!...looks like your online 2 :D
pigeon321 Yep, sorry i didnt answer earlier i just saw it, your quotes are great by the way

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  • I miss the times in lolsotrue when everyone knew eachother and every single post was original
  • Why do people only hear the weird parts of my conversations with my friends but not the moments when we are actually acting like normal people?
  • Morning-looks like a beautiful sunny day Noon-rainning Night-Snowing and you say its MY fault im sick, for not wearing apropiate clothing for the weather
  • I will I am I did

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  • I try to avoid things that make me fat... Like scales, mirrors and photographs.
  • I miss when "fierce" meant something cool like you could fight a lion and not that a woman is wearing too much eye makeup
  • Whenever I feel weak, I'll rememeber those who make me strong. And whenever i start to doubt myself, I'll remeber those that believe in me.
  • | I'd Take A Bullet for you, Fight Of A Mad Dog, Break Down Walls. Be Your Super Hero That Rescues You Every Time. I'll Be The Shoulder To Cry On Even, But If There's A Spider I'll Be Your Olympic Runner |

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  • I'm 99% sure you don't like me. But I'm 100% sure I don't care.
  • If you tickle me, it's either going to lead to kissing or a extreme act of violence.
  • The worst thing is when you have a song stuck in your head but you only know one line.
  • Not everyone you lose is a loss. Unless it's me, then it sucks to be you.


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