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I love books, music, and everything that makes me wierd. If someone doesn't like that, who cares? I'm me and I love it!

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11horncastlea Yes welcome, don't worry I am a quote geek too-I end up reciting them at the wrong times......:)
stargazer293 Welcome to Lolsotrue!
only Thank-you! I love this site. I'm a quote geek (does that even make sense?). I love writing and couldn't wait to start.

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  • I'm completely ordinary, but I like to think others see me differntly. Am I superhero? I didn't kill the last ant I saw, does that count? Am I into politics? I once had to choose a class president. Am I a loving person? I haven't killed a human being.
  • That moment in a social network when you finish setting up your account and relize you chose male instead of female
  • The mind of that girl whose name is exactly like mine: I think I love him, but maybe I don't. Maybe he thinks of me, but he probably doesn't. He was totally smiling at me, but he was probably just being nice. Hey, why is he talking to her! He is totally into me. Oh, wait, she walked away. Nah, she's coming back. Did he just kiss her!! She puts on a fake smile and thinks: It's okay, I didn't like him anyways.
  • All of my friends come to me for advice on their crushes, boyfriends, and such things.They even tell people I'm the best to go to. Funny thing though, I've never been in a relationship.

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  • Me when people in school ask me why I'm quiet:
  • Make a ship. Name it relation. Sit in it. You are now in a Relationship.
  • Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hatred, only love can do that. -Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Those mornings when you almost break your alarm clock because you remembered it was Monday... and you were dreaming about your crush.

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  • Nothing is as disappointing as reheated fries.
  • Nobody understands my obsession with fictional men.
  • My degree of sarcasm depends on your degree of stupidity.
  • Today's mood: Bitchy with a chance of sarcasm.


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