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-twenty one pilots -Halsey -Panic! At The Disco -Rihanna -Reptilian -I'm pretty chill.

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I might rise, but honey, I ain't shining. 

  • The answer might be blowing in the wind, but I'm way too lazy to go catch it
  • Why do we get in our pet's faces and tell them they're cute over and over?
  • There's so much beauty There's so much pain One person's loss Is another's gain You can be right and you can be wrong but to live in this world you need to be strong

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  • It's really cool to be alive in america at this point in history because it's like the collapse of the Roman empire but with Wi-Fi
  • [5*(5*5)]+[(42*30)+345]

Yeah, I can


see how i can

use this in life.
  • [5*(5*5)]+[(42*30)+345]

Yeah, I can


see how i can

use this in life.
  • At the store, noticed the recommended age to have a Ouija Board is 8+. So, you need to be 21 years old to drink and 8 to summon the devil


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