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I'm just looking to laugh

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stardust Hi! Welcome to LolSoTrue!
meepderp Thanks I had an account before but forgot everything about it :)
jadou I've had that problem before too lol. (About changing the avatar) so I got to Edit and like it shows you the pic of your avatar an it says change or something like that just under the small pic. You have to save the pic before thoigh. Hope it helped!
jadou Thanks
meepderp Thanks I figured it out yesterday but still :) I really like your quotes
steph I like your most recent quote ;) XD
meepderp Ha well I'm trying to get a message across to Vneal but it doesn't seem to be working :/ I guess I'm too subtle
steph I meant the one about Vneal! XD but usually you have to refresh the page like a hundred times, it usually works for me! :)
meepderp Also I have no freaking idea how to change my avatar. Nothing I do works!
meepderp I don't remember which one that was but thank you.
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  • Real love is worth all the pain in the world Real love brings you light in those moments when everything seems dark Real love inspires you to do things you never thought you would If you really care about someone nothing scares you enough to drive you away, it only makes you fight harder
  • When you have a really hot friend who whines to you that too many boys are in love with her Every girl can relate
  • When I turned about 11, I went through a phase of walking around, looking at people and saying to myself "all these people came out of someone else. That's amazing." I remember the magesty of it all wowing me. Where did that go?
  • Everyone I meet: You shouldn't wash your hair every day. It's not good. Me: Well you can come pick up your license to comment when you get curly thick hair that goes past your shoulders, or we could work out a deal: You come brush my dry hair in the morning and I'll give you free cookies for life.

Favorite Quotes (87)

  • Every good joke and humurous statement has been used. Goodbye lolsotrue
  • "I'm having so much fun let me stop and update all my social media accounts so everyone knows I'm having fun" -no one having fun ever
  • Donald Trump is what happens when you tell a child all his ideas are special

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  • You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
  • Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.
  • Nice try blocked number, but I don't even answer my phone when I know who is calling.
  • Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Go skydiving with no parachute.


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