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I care what you think.

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steph yooooooo what's up?? I've missed you so much! :-)
steph ME TOO!!! I am seriously so obsessed with them. I want to see them when they come to Colorado because that's where I live, but their tickets are sooo expensive :-(
meemsmcguirk awe omg hiiii i havent been on in so long omg. my whole life literally only revolves around tøp tbh😂😂
totallyus You are perfect no matter what anybody says and your are beautiful no matter what
steph Love your new username & bio - I love 21 Pilots so much! :)
lovehurts121314 Same!
steph Ikr they are the cutest little beans XD and I want to go to their concert when they're near me this summer but idk if I'll have enough money DX
meemsmcguirk they're concert tickets are so much😭 they're really really expensive😢
meemsmcguirk omg ikr😍 they're so dorky too and honestly they make me so happy
steph Omg I know right 😭 tøp is literally my favorite band ever
meemsmcguirk holding onto you, Lovely, or Can't help falling in love with you. Tylers voice is just heavenly 😄
steph I'm stuck between 'Holding Onto You' and 'Fairly Local.' What's yours? :)
meemsmcguirk whats your favourite song by them>?
steph You're welcome! :)
meemsmcguirk and Thanks!
meemsmcguirk So do i!(:
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  • haha.. sooooo i haven't been online for half a year Whats new? c: oops
  • all the single ladies (^-^) /( ) | | all the single ladies (^-^) <( ) / all the single ladies (^-^) <( )> / put your hands up (^-^)/ ( ( /
  • dont cha wish (*_*) <) ) / your girlfriend was (*_*) ( (> / hot like me (*_*)/ <) ) /
  • Mephobia the fear of becoming so awesome that the human race cant handle it and everyone dies

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  • In the shower and you get out, realizing there are no more towels left... The Panic Though.
  • lolsotrue I’ve pasted a smile on my face and I’m laughing at what hurts. You haven’t noticed I’ve been doing this all my life. That’s why I’m so fed up of you… and so you were wondering why I’m grumpy when i see you? you never realised how much you hurt me. If my mental conditions showed on my body, you wouldn’t even recognise my face. my bruised and scratched face.
  • Gyms should offer a membership package where you pay for everyday that you don't go
  • I never go to sleep But I keep waking up.

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  • Everyone's getting into relationships and you know what I'm getting? 
Some more food, brb.
  • Never piss off someone who bleeds for 5 days, every month and doesn't die.
  • Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.
  • Do you ever just wanna meet the opposite sex version of you?


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