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I don't share my info over the internet. So have fun trying to learn more about me :P

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clithridiat Hey :)

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  • Those ninja moves you make when you need something three and a half feet away while listening to music with earbuds from your computer... It's called skill!
  • Those exasperating times when someone posts lolsotrues with incorrect spelling and grammer. -_-
  • You know life is weird when your siblings borrow your socks without asking and then goes, "Oh... I was going to ask you--"
  • When the caribou coffee cashier asks you for your ID because you have a happy-bou-day coupon. That's when things get ugly. Do I really look like I'm gonna have a photo ID at this age??

Favorite Quotes (167)

  • There is a huge diffrence between reality and reality tv shows. So stop acting like your in one.
  • ​Last time I checked that's called DROWNING....
  • During a test; people look up for inspiration, down in desperation, and left and right for information.
  • When you're ​sitting in the movies and a Human Giraffe decides to sit Right in front of you ​

Favorite LolSoTrue (127)

  • I hate looking ugly the first time I meet someone, like wait I can do better than this I swear.
  • Given enough time, I'll make you regret that last statement. Sincerely, women.
  • I don't mind your weirdness as long as it's compatible with mine.
  • How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is food?


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