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I'm SUPERRRRrrrrRRrrRRRr bored so if you like the stuff I post, be my friend!

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  • lean in. You feel his hot breath on your lips before Luke threw a pillow at your faces. "GET A ROOM!!" He yells as you and Michael pull away blushing. "Shannon, your turn!" Ash yells annoyed. "Mike, truth or dare?" "Dare." "date me?" "yes, Shannon, truth or dare?" "dare." "kiss me." you lean in and press your lips against his soft pink ones. Who knew that truth or dare game was the start of a beautiful relationship. <3 - Mahayla
  • "Shannon, truth or dare?" Ash asked. "Truth" You said. "who do you like?" "shit" were at the boys house for the day and Calum came up with the amazing idea to play truth or dare. you had had a crush on mike forever and little did you know he felt the same. "Do i have to be honest?" You say. "YES!" all the boys yell. "I uh uhm I like michael..." You say. All the boys gasp and Mike, who was sitting next to you, reaches over tilts your chin up with his finger to look at you. &qu
  • "Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing It's okay not to be okay Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart Tears don't mean you're losing Everybody's bruising Just be true to who you are" Jessie J - Who You Are
  • I know we don't know each other, but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here. If you're feeling worthless or if you want to kill yourself, don't. Talk to me! I've been there! I'm here for you, I'll be your friend, and I'll listen and I won't judge you. You are worth it, you are loved. <3

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  • Seriously though, why is fruit so expensive???Like, I want some strawberries, not the tears of Jesus
  • FanGirl Problems: #1 When Someone tells you that you can never go to Hogwarts and you're like don't remind me.
  • CALORIES Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes tighter every night.

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  • Greatest love note ever: I will stop loving you, when Spongebob gets his driving license.
  • What is it called when your crush likes you back? 
Your imagination!
  • Feeling perfectly happy being single, until you see a happy couple.
  • Never laugh at your girlfriend's choices. You are one of them.


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