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An overall happy girl, she's always thinking about something. She also loves to engage people in whatever pressing matter is on her mind and never hesitates to say what she thinks. Though, the fact that she is naturally sharp-tongued doesn't help this. Nonetheless, she is a social butterfly and always tries her best.

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faiido.mohamed You have a very good bio. I admire it.
atikamasood hey
curlytop3434 Hey, I love your quotes! And thanks so much for all the likes! :) Omg, sorry for the late reply! And no problem! :)

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  • Going to high school next year just for ONE TIME I would like to have NO SUMMER WORK
  • it's funny how we fall in love. person: I like that person. I think they'll be the one who can ruin the next period of my life.
  • ASIANS. WE... are not obsessed with homework are not all short are not all good at math do not all look the same STOP WITH THE STEREOTYPES
  • I can honestly relate to Greg SO much right now.

Favorite Quotes (209)

  • That moment when the guy you like became the jerk everyone said he was.
  • We all have that dirty friend CORRECTION: We all need that dirty friend.
  • That annoying person in the class who feels the need to announce everything they did over the weekend: "NO ONE CARES!!"
  • Leaving your phone on silent and then misplacing it


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