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Hi guys! I'm an eighth grader on that lives in a state on the coast of east America. My life can by explained by the word loopy. Hope you enjoy!

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ayushashete hey
lorna hi!
lorita I LUV your quotes :D
lorna Thanks, that's nice to hear!
curlytop3434 Heyyy! How's life goin?
lorna What happens in 8th grade?
curlytop3434 8th grade's a lot of fun :)
lorna Getting into 8th grade.
curlytop3434 Nothin much right now... bout to start high school. what about you?
lorna Yeah, it's been so long! So, sup.
curlytop3434 Pretty good! Been forever since I talked to you :)
lorna Life's good! How's yours?
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  • When your parents say they're not picking sides, but still go with your sibling's idea anyway.
  • Looking back at your old quotes and being like: "Ew, what was I thinking back then?"
  • When I'm that really quiet kid in class and I say something, the only thing I can think of when people all turn and stare at me is, 'I fucked up, I fucked up, I fucked up, this was a bad idea'.
  • I can't be the only one who panic flirts with everybody once a school dance comes up.

Favorite Quotes (142)

  • That moment when you didn't study for the test and all you know is your name, the date, and the 20th question.
  • "Make me." "Make me make you." "Make me make you make me." "Make me make you make me make you." "Make me make you make me... Wait, what were we talking about again?" ~me and my friend arguing
  • Calories? Do you mean delicious points?
  • Welcome to the Jungle. *Manager runs overs* "What did you say?" *Axl stares at feet* "I said welcome to walmart, have a nice day". "Thought so".

Favorite LolSoTrue (1)

  • Winning isn't everything. Rubbing it in the face of your enemy is also important.


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