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  • YOU ARE GOING to live a good and long life filled with great & terrible moments that you cannot even imagine yet.
  • This is true Girls don't dress for boys. They dress for themselves. If they did dress for boys they would be walking around wearing nothing all the time. :P
  • big girls don't cry. Unless they are feeling sad, because displaying emotion is totally natural and ok <3
  • uggs are the only boots that look good with sweatpants, so if you don't got some, get some.

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  • 2 of the best tricks ever: 1: Have some of your friends go up to the same person over a period of a day and say you are dreaming this isnt real 2: When you are alone with a stranger in public and they say something to you say "You can see me?"
  • ----------------------- I'm not saying I hate ''YOLO''. I'm just saying it's used by the wrong people. -------------------
  • It takes you a few seconds to read this, but it took me a few hours to think of it.


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