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What is life? They say it's from B to D. From Birth to Death, But what's between B and D? It's a ''C'' so what is a C? It is a choice. Our life is a matter of choices Live well and it will never go wrong =D Occupation: Sleeping Skills: Awesomeness

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  • #Lol so true When you see someone without a phone and your like, sucks to be you. =D
  • #Lol so true When your scrolling through your messages and then someone comes and sits next to you and they're just staring at your messages. Your just like, do 1 mate.
  • #Lolsotrue That awkward moment when you come home from school and look in the mirror thinking ''Did I look like this.. all day?!''
  • #Lolsotrue I hate it when you wanna delete something and then that extra window pops up and says are you sure. Are you sure you want to stay there coz I'm gunna come there and give you a punch.


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