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Hiya, I don't have any friends on here, due to I not actually knowing any of u, so don't bother even trying to send me a friend request, (ha, as if u even would) coz I won't acccept it. I am only on here to share, quotes and look at quotes, nothing else, so bye and thnx for bothering to read this- if u even r

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ayushashete awesome quotes
christianjuth Those poor babies!
laughlifeaway agreed
artistrileu If you have no friends on this site how come u haven't bothered to unfriend Lolsotrue?
laughlifeaway Oh no that was just an example, I talk constantly to everyone in my class, i never shut up
gina wow i talk to everyone in my class.. we paaarty
laughlifeaway Incase I have a malfunction or problem with this sight. Its like say u dont talk to anyone in ur class except the teacher
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  • I always wonder what they do to make babies cry in movies
  • waking up and wishing it was all a dream
  • asking pointless questions in class to waste time
  • Saying random stuff in the middle of a sentence, to see if anybody was actually listening

Favorite Quotes (103)

  • I'm a short haired girl, but I'm not: - A boy - Lesbian - Not a girly girl - Perfect - A Victoria Secret model or any magazine model So don't judge me anymore.
  • Sometimes I get this weird feeling that we are little toys inside of a giant dome, and the overlords above are controlling our lives. Thumbs up if you can relate.
  • In the zombie apocolaypse: Leader: There's no I in team, kid. Me: No, but there is in survive,thrive,live, and life.
  • mom: what's the magic word? me: aBRACADABRA mom: me: mom: me: mom: me: oh I meant please

Favorite LolSoTrue (4)

  • Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.
  • Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Go skydiving with no parachute.
  • Best threesome ever:
Me, my pillow and my bed.
  • They say revenge is a dish best served cold. They also say revenge is sweet, so basically, revenge is ice cream.


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