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hello im a really nice guy message me

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jadou Lol love your bio really describing haha. What's up? Nice to meet you
00allyson Hi :)
larzzy3 Hey :)
nikkiblaze99 I know that i am a random person but you said that you were so hello!
larzzy3 ah nice
nikkiblaze99 i was going to do soccer this year but then i dicided to go with band
larzzy3 i like the movie frozen,soccer and hanging out with frends
larzzy3 Yes my fav song is let it go from the movie frozen
nikkiblaze99 do you listen to any music?
larzzy3 I love it!
larzzy3 I have seen it 5 times at the movis. I lovevit!
nikkiblaze99 cool. i have never seen it
kemmetersh its anna
larzzy3 Arna i think,its Anna or Arna
larzzy3 yea frozen the movie. Elsa,Anna
nikkiblaze99 Frozen the movie?
nikkiblaze99 is the only sport that i will play
larzzy3 im obsessed with frozen i love playing soccor with my friendsand thats it
nikkiblaze99 what kinds of games do you like playing?
nikkiblaze99 i like playing my instruments and hanging with my friends...ummm i cant really think of anything else...wait I am obsessed with the show Doctor Who!!
larzzy3 i love playing games outside and playing computer. what do u like?
nikkiblaze99 what kinds of things do you like?
larzzy3 hello
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