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yo, i might not be able to get on any more, this site is getting blocked in our school, so i'l try my best to but no promises.

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laughlifeaway I unfriended u because I dont actually no u well enough to call u my friend but I would dtill like to chat and such
boola hey welcome back
shadowheart Hey, welcome back bro!

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  • hey yall im back!
  • don't apoligize when there's no to apoligize about. I'm the one who should be apoligizing, not you.
  • this is what i think she thinks

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  • that akward moment when your crush says that your mom is hot
  • There's Always That One Person In Truth Or Dare Who For Truth Asks: "Do You Like Him?"
  • Happy 30th Birthday, Theo James!(:
  • who would forget to take their backpack to school? ...oh, wait, I have

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  • The closest I've come to murder is holding my Oreos under the milk until the bubbles stop.
  • If I die in my sleep I can actually say I died doing what I love.
  • Capitalization is the difference between 'helping your Uncle Jack off a horse' and 'helping your uncle jack off a horse'.
  • How do parents expect good grades when I push on pull doors?


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