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  • that akward moment when ur jumping around singing a song and you i pod dies!
  • secretly hoping the girl with ur crush accidently gets hit by a bus hint hint gurls!!
  • that akward moment when ur crush catches u staring at him <3 <3 <3 <3
  • that akward moment when u ask ur crush out and he says no!!!!

Favorite Quotes (2)

  • That awkward moment when your teacher calls your crush honey.
  • I want a guy to walk past when I'm smiling and doing something stupid with my friends, and be like, yep I love that one.

Favorite LolSoTrue (37)

  • I may love to shop, but I'm not buying your bullshit.
  • I hate it when I plan my day and nobody follows the script.
  • Trying not to fall asleep because you're expecting a text back from someone.
  • Abandoning all social norms and grammar rules while in conversation with your best friend.


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