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  • People say they have problems. Nobody is perfect though. Everybody has some depressing problems in their life. I knew my dad until first grade. Thn my parents divorced an I had to mature early so I could cook and clean. I wasn't even ten yet! Every year their is a new death in my family. I'm not complaining. Only stating that not just one person has a problem. Everybody has at least one.
  • Alright. Well people always say how their phone will attack their face right? Well when I was getting a glass so I could get a drink. I found out that a different glass had something against the floor. TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT! Anyways the cup attacked the floor! Little did it realize, the floor murders cups...R.I.P. Random cup who was mad at the floor.
  • Does anybody else laugh whenever something bad happens or something goes wrong? So many things like that have happened to me that now I just laugh at it.
  • That random moment when your friend and you are talking about something depressing and a couple minutes later she says the most random thing ever XD


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