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I am Kayleigh, call me Lizzie. I am Clever, Funny, and Witty. i love to sing/dance and my favorite sport is hockey. my favorite color is blue, i like flamingo's and panda's. Don't judge me by age! Bye <3

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sb23 my little brother is sooo annoying but i feel so guilty if accidently hurt him
ruby.a.murray Yeh my siblings are kinda ok, theyre all older but don't take much notice whether theyre annoying!
kaykayrules777 HI PEOPLE IM A PEOPLE... *PERSON
kaykayrules777 but im not a people person :D

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  • Im not being mean, Im just espressing my feelings for an example: Guy: Getting close to other guy to see phone Me: Your snuggling up against him your gay! Guy: ...
  • My siblings are SOOOO annoying but I (Might) Love them anyway! ..... Your probibly smiling and/or laughing right now Do you have (VERY) annoying siblings (Can you comment on my profile if you do ;) )
  • Your typing and you press &#39;Enter&#39; to submit. Then it just go&#39;s down a space. But your to lazy to press the submit button... YOU: O.O Typer: SUBMIT
  • &quot;I love to ett&quot; &quot;*ezt&quot; &quot; ..... EAT&quot; That moment.....

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  • *cute person walks past me* me: no wait come back i love you
  • I&#39;m not being Lazy, I&#39;m Conserving Energy
  • Have you ever realized that the only things we NEED to survive is sunlight, nature/food, and Water?
  • Why is my signal bad in my room when terrorists can upload their videos from caves?


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