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Call me Kat! I enjoy watching anime, reading, and writing. I am weird, crazy, some call me a psychopath, and oh shy irl tho. Other then that I always some how ends up getting suck into he void of the internet XD

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rlbae8 I love your quotes! Especially Little Joey's ones... you should do more of those!Have a nice day/night! :D
katgirlanimefan Thanks :)
rlbae8 I like ur new profile! So accurate
katgirlanimefan Yep!:) I usually on at night tho. But today is Saturday so I'm on early:)
rlbae8 HI ur online!
katgirlanimefan Thank you so much. Yeah I'll try to do one almost everyday!!!!!! :)
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  • Little Joey: Hey Kimy 

Little Kimy: Yes Joey?

Little Joey: Err.......

*inside his mine*


Fear: But but what if she rejects us?!

Sadness: Don't say that !!

Joy: Come on think on the bright side!!!

Disgust: Hopefully that idiot Tim dosent come and ruin the moment...


Little Kim's: Err....Joey?

Little Joey realizes and runs away.
  • Relatable otaku:

Otaku is watching anime. 

Otaku looks at clock 7:30 pm

otaku: Oh it's just 7:30. I can watch another episode before I start my homework.

*some time later*

otaku: Hm.....one more episode won't hurt....

*ends up watching 2 seasons of DragonBall Z*

otaku glances at clock 

otaku : 1 am?!?!???!? I need to do my essay!!!!

*time skip to school*

Freind: Hey...you look tired what happened? No wait let me guess......you ended up falling into the void of anime?

otaku is too busy sleeping so can't answer question 
  • You open your room door. And you see your friend sitting their on your bed just acting as if she/he lives there.

friend: Hey!


friend: Your mom.

you: *faceplam* of course.....

  • I'm like:How do you solve these?

Favorite Quotes (175)

  • That AWESOME moment when your teacher forgets to give you guys homework!!! Mini SUMMER BREAK!! ~Crazy Laziness
  • Why does time go 5x faster when we are asleep and 5x slower at school ?
  • I'm like:How do you solve these?
  • Life i whish there was a help button for... Math Phisics The meaning of life Spelling Grammer Social Studies Gym vido games and most importantly writers/Imagination block


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