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Hey, I'm Katee. I play ice hockey, and like most sports.

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  • Pretty much everyone spells my name wrong
  • That awkward moment when everyone thinks you like someone that you don't actually like...
  • Teacher: Okay, class we have a test tommorow Me: So when will you start teaching the chapter?
  • If I invite you to hang out, don't just sit there and stare at your phone the whole entire time

Favorite Quotes (90)

  • Trying to like a quote... then realizing you aren't logged in. Yep.
  • Wondering whats the catch when everything good happens in one day
  • Friend: I SWEAR I could see the demon in her eyes! Me: I guess that's what you people call makeup these days.
  • Here's a useful tip for boys: If you see a woman running in high heels, RUN AWAY!

Favorite LolSoTrue (7)

  • It's not that I'm not a morning person; I love mornings. I'm just not a waking up person.
  • Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding that the other person is an idiot.
  • Do you ever play a song and realized you were too distracted to appreciate it so you replay it?
  • Girls who wear light colored pants during their periods deserve a medal for their bravery.


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