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I like pokemon

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  • Student: may i get water Teacher : you should have gone earlier Studnet : i wasnt thirsty and now i am
  • Student: May I go to the bathroom Teacher: why didnt you go before class Student: because i didnt need it now i do
  • why is it that we cant rember the realy good songs but yet we can remeber the realy annoying ones
  • Never put a wild cat in water the results are bad

Favorite Quotes (3)

  • Singing a song that you have no idea what the words to the song are.
  • Teacher: "This is silent study hall." Kids: (still talking)
  • Me: *Tells a joke to my friend* Parents: "What's the joke, honey?" Me: "You won't get it." Parents: "Just try." Me: " Jake has three apples, Sally has two apples. How many apples do they have now?" Parents: *thinks* Me: "13 cheeseburgers." Parents: "But there are no burgers." Me: "Like I told you, you won't get it." Parents: *trying to understand the question by texting their friends* Me: *facepalm*


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