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I like funny quotes!

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  • Moms are special some moms are just rude My mom wants me to be awsome in life They are like flowers that nurture you F:abowloush A:mazing T:ouching heart A:shume L:loving ♥
  • That moment when your crush stares at you in school and you pretend not to see them and when they look away you look at them!
  • Mom:where did your sister go Me: I dont know Mom: *freaks out* Me: maybe she got kidnap! Dad:stop tricking your mother maybe a bear got her Mom:*yells*JUUNIE! Junie: yes mom Mom:*hugs her* where were you Junie:bathroom Mom:Good you had me worry dont you ever wonderoff again Me:*goes out* Mom:*cooks dinner*
  • when you just watched a scary movie and the power goes out!

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  • that moment when you go to the foodstore and buy stuff you dont need, And when you go home to take a shower OMG I forgot the soap


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