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  • When I have pizza at the table I be the first one to eat a slice. If someone else did I would get pissed.
  • When you remember those kindergarden nursery rhymes... gosh i was so creepy.
  • i am making this quote in my classroom. and there's this person next to me telling me stuff that i be like ''what?''
  • Can You read this? well good job for wasting 30 minutes/

Favorite Quotes (6)

  • When I look at my mom and my dad's old pictures i be thinking ''Was back then black and white?''
  • Teacher : Let's watch a movie. The Class : Yes! Teacher : Hm right after we do some math problems. The Class : Ugh. Teacher : WHAT? The Class : Yay!! Woo. Teacher : That's what I thought.
  • when i step on food i be like : gosh..
  • when i want to write apple. i write aple. then i cross it out and i wrote aple again. ''geez...'' - ilovelolsotrue

Favorite LolSoTrue (15)

  • The worst thing is when you have a song stuck in your head but you only know one line.
  • If a man says you're ugly, he's being mean. If a woman says you're ugly, she's envious. If a little kid says you're ugly, you're ugly.
  • That weird moment when someone you barely know ends up in your dream.
  • Farts are just the ghosts of the things we ate.


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