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Hi i'm a seal with a bucket. Deal with it. WHAT YOU'RE SEALING MY BUCKET???

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  • Does it make me a bad person just because I design stuff like a Star Wars blaster made out of butane?

Or a HIGHLY explosive homeade fire work?

  • When 3D faxing is a thing, 

I will be the firts to fax you a hand grenade.
  • When it tried to print that picture of you,

it said that you were so fat, that I'd need a 3D one.
  • Remember when I took a picture of you 5 years ago?

You're so fat, that it's still printing.

Favorite Quotes (22)

  • To your life.




Recorders: If you never take your thumb off the bottom hole, why is it there?
4- we hang out
3- we can travel together
2- I would take a bullet for you
1- I will speak to you on phone
  • I am sooo jealous... Of my parents They gave birth to an amazing child

Favorite LolSoTrue (5)

  • I always win arguments with people on the internet because I do this super cool thing where I stop typing and log off.
  • 'You're always on your phone.' 'Well you're always on my nerves.'
  • I'm no cactus expert, but I know a prick when I see one.
  • Some people in my school just need a hug, around their necks, with my hands.


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