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Artist, Animator,Anime creator,dirtbiker. I've struggled in my teen life. Don't you wonder why you get into messed situations sometimes?

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shanna Heyy...your birthday is the same date as mine!!
atikamasood You know who Hrithik Roshan is?
ayushashete yayy
poshmimi10 Oh my gosh, I know who he is! I love him! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
hotarusuzuka no, why?
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ruby.a.murray WOW! your birthday is 2 days before mine to the year!!! HB for the other day!:)
hotarusuzuka Really?? that's so cool! HB to you too! :D

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  • Life is such an illusion... I hate it.
  • You lean off an edge of a balcony, then that one friend... "NO YOU'RE GOING TO FALL AND DIE!" You can't help yourself but lean more out just to freak them out more.
  • Here in Japan you could just walk outside of your home and there's a vending machine to spend your allowance on... Arigato Gozimasu japan ಠvಠ
  • You have a birthday on earthday... Automatically called a hippie... #sob

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  • Scientist say the universe is made up of Protons,netrons and electrons but they forot to mention MORONS.
  • "You're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you different!!!" ~ Jacksepticeye
  • Me: Hey can you help me? Him: Sure! Me: There's this guy I like but i'm not sure how to tell him. Him: Well, just tell him. Me:I like you. Him: Yeah, like that! Me:'re an idiot.
  • What I really hate is when I'm trapped in a room because I just put on lotion.


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