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I'm a 12 year old tomboy, and um… yeah. Btw you pronounce my name like Nie-are-uh. I love playin video games, especially Minecraft, and I specialize in fangirling.

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shanismoothie Are you from germany?
halloalle German-American.
meemsmcguirk Ur German? Ö
halloalle Technically, yes.
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meemsmcguirk Happy New year!!
halloalle Yaaas! You too!
summertime12 HOLD ON!! your 12 (or almost 12) and you were born in 1999? i'm 12 and I'm pretty sure i wasn't born in 2002 not 1999! I'm so confused and also.. I DONT LIKE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES, i love the outdoors!
halloalle Well, I thought that I had to be a certain age to register, like 15, or something.

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  • I remember watching The Princess Bride, and in the beginning the kid asked, "Grandpa, is this a kissing book?" and because I'm a huge romantic, if I were reading it to my kids, and they asked that, I wouldve closed the book and said, "Listen, my children, there is no such thing as a 'kissing book'. However, there is such thing as a good book."
  • Earlier this week, I stole my friend's beanie, and she was yelling at me to give it back, and me being as stupid as I am, I yelled back, 'Catch it in your mouth!' and she said, 'No! Just give it to me!' It was my other friend who then told us how wrong that sounded.
  • So, in my hometown, we have a lot of monumental waterfalls, so whenever my mom says, 'Hey, we should go to ______ Falls.' And I can never remember which is which, so all I know is that we're going some place with water.
  • Whenever my friend is kind of grumpy, I just make her more pissed by asking, "Are you on your period?"

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  • Studies show that if you put "studies show" in a sentence, more people will believe it.
  • I hate when people see me at the store or someplace and say “hey what are you doing here” “ Oh you know I am here looking for my lost elephant have you seen him?”
  • *CRASH* Mum: What was that? Me: My shirt fell Mum: Sounded a lot heavier than that Me: I was in it...
  • *sees a new kid on this site, who already has +10 loves and a page full of comments* " who the hell is this?" *checks gender: Male* "Now it makes sense."

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  • Creeping so hard on someone's instagram that you end up on their best friend's brother's cousin's sister's girlfriend's account level deep.
  • If you tickle me, it's either going to lead to kissing or a extreme act of violence.
  • The worst thing is when you have a song stuck in your head but you only know one line.
  • Winning isn't everything. Rubbing it in the face of your enemy is also important.


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