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Hey! 16. senior year. i write fanfiction and stuff. i used to have so much fun on here!

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user301 i have that shirt that says whatever uill just date myself
girlwidbangs I want one too!
jadou Love the new pic lol what's up
jadou Idk I'm just excited to go back to school... But it's on Sept. 8th, so I'll have to wait
girlwidbangs helloo! the only happy thing in my life right now is the possibility of going for a maroon-5 concert! you?
meemsmcguirk Ellio😊 we haven't talked in forever..😞
girlwidbangs haha as much fun as 12th grade can be!Also, BADLANDS is out!!
meemsmcguirk Hows school going for you?xx
girlwidbangs finallyy someone knows them! makes me so happy lol. about school hahah find some real chill friends ya, school will be soo much better! hope to catch you online next time!
meemsmcguirk I'm always stressed about school lol.
meemsmcguirk I know themmmm!
girlwidbangs why so stressed about school?
girlwidbangs i prefer joe and caspar to chai though.hahaha i definitely have plenty to obsess over! you have to check out HALSEY and LONDON GRAMMAR. halsey is a freaking goddess! lemme know if you like any!
meemsmcguirk Well there's Bastille and fall out boy but now there's Walk The Moon😱 and a YouTuber called Mynameschai😱 definetly recommend walk the moon and mynameschai. What about u? Find anything else to obsess over?😂 and school is 😫 already stressed and its only been a few weeks.
girlwidbangs good for you! senior year is killingg me but you gotta have fun right? any new music recs?
meemsmcguirk Awe I've missed seeing you too! Hahah life is boring.. Nothing really special happening so I'm kinda going with the flow. Thanks for asking! What about you?
girlwidbangs love your profile picture! where do you find them? xx
girlwidbangs heya! I know right!! i missed seeing you here! hows life?
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  • Good girls don't swear. Fuck yeah.
  • Is it just me, or does snapchat make everyone look worse than they actually are?
  • "Pretty please...." "Physical appearence of pretty doesn't affect me."
  • Can't get out of the bed, send help!! or send waffles....... nevermind just send waffles!

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  • 15 minutes into Netflix and Chill and He give you this look
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  • You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
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