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I am thinking I might leave lolsotrue. If I did, would you even care? I didn't even do anything. Now everyone hates me because of that douche Kyle. No wonder Effie dumped him

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lovehurts121314 dont leave. just cos of one douchebag... haters gonna hate.
lovehurts121314 whatd kyle do?
steph Noooo!! Please don't leave! You are one of my closest friends on here! And who cares about Kyle anyways!

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  • Father father tell me where you are now Its been hell not having you here Ive been missing you so bad And you dont seem to care When I go to sleep at night youre no there When I go to sleep at night do you care Do you even miss us your bottles and mistress I need to know I need to know Why are you walking away This song is my life:( Was it something I did Did I make a mistake Im trying to deal with the pain Sleeping With Sirens-A Trophy Father's Trophy Son *instead of father, mine is mother
  • That face you make when your parents say "I don't have to explain myself" or "because I said so".....
  • It is absolutely ridiculous how clueless parents can be. Like this quote if your parents are the same
  • You know what I love and that is so funny to me? How you can get in trouble for no reason at all and it is not even your fault what so ever. Like tell me how that is? AHHHH I hate my stepbrother!! See I got in trouble, but yet it was his fault. That is so ridiculous. Parents are so clueless

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  • Weatherman: "We'll Possibly be Receiving Half An Inch Of Snow.." Me: "YOU HEAR THAT MOM!? NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!"
  • that epic fail moment.... (and you just hope no one saw it happen!)
  • You don't know jack shit bitch! Yes I do. Jack Shit is the son of Awe Shit, who married Oh Shit. In turn Jack Shit married Noe Shit. They had 6 kids. Hollie Shit, Giva Shit, Fulla Shit, Bull Shit & the twins Deep Shit & Dip Shit. Deep Shit married Dumb Shit, a high school dropout. Soon Jack Shit & Noe Shit got divorced so Noe Shit married Ted Sherlock & became Noe Shit Sherlock. In the meantime, Dip Shit married Lotta Shit. Fulla Shit & Giva Shit married the Happens Brothers. It was a double wedding, aka the Shit Happens
  • I totally burned Seth today at lunch. He has this sound app and he made like a whip sound and pointed his phone at me while saying 'Sit! Sit!' and I said 'If I was a dog, I'd jump up and bite your dick off, but with the way you act I don't think you have a dick.' and both my crush and my friend went 'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!'


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