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My quotes may suck and I may not be funny but I love everyone else's quotes. Have a good day. And that is my youtube account btw. I had no other website.

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  • I'm bisexual.

Now it;s time to tell my parents.

Omg I'm so dead.
  • How come just because I'm different people think they have the right to bully me?


Like, dude, shut up you have problems to.
  • Am I the only

One who

Will hear one

Word and suddenly

Burst into


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I'd rather let someone see me naked than parallel park
  • Shazam but for telling you the name of someone who's only just been introduced to you 5 minutes ago but you weren't listening
  • Don't include me in your "baby name suggestions" group text if you're gonna ignore my ideas. Pubert is a beautiful name for a boy OR girl
  • The Only Ways I Text Back

1. Immediately
2. Never


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