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melanie martinez and halsey fangirl~ i also love grey's anatomy, SVU, and quantico~ good vibes only

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torixlolx Is that a hijab?
funnybunny77 yess it's henna
torixlolx That henna? Sorry about the questions, I just dont see many musliums on lolsotrue
funnybunny77 ya i usually don't wear it like that tho.
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canedist.ivade Heeeey! Your online
funnybunny77 omigod and ur not. i mean u literally just commented FOURTEEN STINKY MINUTES AGO while i was busy making a stupid quote. Alas, maybe one day i will find you online, my sweet pea! lmao
canedist.ivade hiiii

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  • When you see your friend talking to the girl she just called fake... Who's the fake one here?
  • LIFE HACK If you don't know whether to use "affect" or "effect" just use "impact"!!! It works every time!
  • That MATIRIX moment when somebody throws the ball at you in dodgeball and you duck and they miss.
  • there's a doodoo emoji, a heart eye cat emoji, a monkey covering its ears emoji, but yet not a single Unicorn emoji. we need to make a change

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  • Ok, so I'm not lying when I say this, on the very last page of my 'student's dictionary', there is a word that is the longest word in the English language. The word consists of 1,909 letters, and it's the term for a formula called, C1289H2051N343O375S8 (<--- I said that in case you wanted to look it up), and I was gonna spell it out but I'm pretty sure it would take up ALOT more that the limit of this quote-thing.
  • Your password must contain at least: One capital letter Two numbers A shark fin A drop of mermaid blood Seven Cheez Doodlez A dragon tooth A Market Basket bag and Bill Gates
  • Girl: Do you like me? Boy: No Girl: But- Boy: You never asked if I loved you Girl: Aww, do you love me? Boy: No.
  • If Watermelon exists, why doesn't Earthmelon, Firemelon and Airmelon? The Elemelons.

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  • The fastest land mammal is the teenager who sees mom pulling in the driveway and realizes that they forgot to do some chores.
  • Please, if you're going to insult me over the Internet, at least spell correctly.
  • Working hard for hours, take 5 minute internet break, mom shows up.
  • I love the sound you make when you shut the hell up.


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