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My brain: RAINBOWS AND UNICORNSSSSSSS. Ya. Studio C. VivaLaWatts. Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World (LUCAYA [OR] FAYA, AND SHA[W?]TY). YouTube. Minecraft. Writing. Shower thoughts. Synesthesia. My ability to quickly adjust to new things.

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jadou Hey! I love your quotes already!! 👍👍

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  • I'm not judging you. As my English teacher once said, I evaluate.
  • Don't text me while I'm trying to text you; now I have to change my whole text!

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  • If you're the a$$hole that honks the second the light turns green, then I'll be the a$$hole who sits through the light tweeting about you and posting a FB status

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  • Relationships are basically just two people constantly asking each other what they want to eat, until one of them dies.
  • I might be annoying, but at least my lock screen isn't a selfie.
  • Every day is leg day when you're running away from your problems.
  • That moment in between Netflix episodes when you see your reflection on the black screen and wonder what you are doing with your life.


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