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curlytop3434 Haha your one direction quote... omg i love it
curlytop3434 Sure!
dragonsteel33 Thank you!

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  • Welcome, my 13-year-old cousin, to the magical world of WESTEROS NATHANIEL PENNER!
  • Oh, hey, have you heard of this show? Uhhh, yeah. You should watch it now. I have been meaning to for while, maybe la- WATCH IT, WORM.
  • The moment when a 6 YEAR OLD is better at [insert athletic activity of your choice] than you
  • I found a solution to my sweatshirt problem: Wear this. *Hands my bf an XL sweatshirt* Why? wear it Ummm, okay. *Puts it on* *Now by the Rebox* give it *Gives it* what the fuck?

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  • "Game of Thrones is too violent" said my coworker with a large picture of a bloody, tortured man nailed to a cross hanging in her cubicle
  • What if phobias are based off how you died in a past life
  • *Doing gay stuff with a friend* Friend: WTF? *Doing gay stuff with a best friend* Best Friend: I love you too, my darling.
  • Me when Sam almost died on Supernatural.... I almost had a heart attack I'm just glad I was watching it on Netflix


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