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I've got a lot of demons inside. No haters please. If you don't like me just leave me alone please. Thanks

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ayushashete hello
unicornc I really like your quotes
depressing thank you!
faiido.mohamed Your quotes are very interesting (I can't say I love them because them because that's sort of insensitive). I love the style you do them in, that really puts them in that depressing and gloomy mood.
depressing wow, thanks. means a lot that u guys think of my stuff this way :)

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  • Roses are red My blood is too I've been seeing it more Since I lost you
  • "They say you are what you eat... Would that make me nothing?" 1 million people commit suicide each year. Raise awareness. #depressionawareness
  • "I'm fine"
  • What happened? He happened...

Favorite Quotes (45)

  • The answer might be blowing in the wind, but I'm way too lazy to go catch it
  • Why do we get in our pet's faces and tell them they're cute over and over?
  • The only time you will text someone you dont like because your bored and if you tell your parents your bored it will end up like this: Me: I'm bored Mom: Go clean your room. Me: Who raised you?! Mom: What did you say? Me: okay...
  • Life is such an illusion... I hate it.


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