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Hi, I am workin on being a legend in almost everything possible! (Yeah Right)

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dawsomeness Hey, everyone. I realize that I haven't been on this website, in what feels like years. Anyway, I am back!
jadou Umm haven't seen you very active lately lol. How is you becoming a legend going?
dawsomeness Oh,well I conquered school. The most marks in one day... Also 12 parent comunications
steph Lol your day sounds like mine ^-^
shadowheart How is that "Being a legend" thing is going xD

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  • ALLSTATE *Not available in all states
  • Life Tip: Don't let your GF break up with you. You break up with her.
  • When my friend says " Are you gonna eat that?"
  • Making 50 accounts... Just to love your primary profile on all of them.

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  • Life tip: Never own LEGOS, you and your feet will regret it.
  • Sometimes, I think that school was just meant to have your parents whoop you every day.
  • Beliefs on how babies are born Age 5: Mom's got issues Age 7: Food sticks together and forms a person Age 8: Dad kisses mom, and his saliva helps create the baby Age 12: Oh....
  • Watching an action movie then walking around like your a spy or something.


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