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Haiii. Well, I seem like a normal girl who loves to dance, but on the inside, I'm nothing like I sound. Don't judge me cause I'm quiet, you don't know who I'm secretly planning to murder. Do what you want to, but if you're a pedo sitting at your computer planning to kidnap someone, you might wanna change yo plans! Well, BYEEEE!

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hannah no offence i would advise u to change ur bio, many ppl may report and u can loose ur file

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  • 11 year old sister: Mum I want some juice. Mum: Ok, I'll get it for you. 12 year old me: Mum can I have some juice too? Mum: You didn't say please so you can get it yourself.
  • When my friend talks non-stop about a guy she likes but will never be with: Friend- Today in Math he even stood on my pencil when I dropped it! He's so cute an- Me- *dramatically enters as Queen Elsa* LET IT GO! LET IT GO!!
  • What you do VS What you think about doing #1: Being woken up early. What you do: Mum- WAKE UP! SCHOOL TIME! Me- *hides under sheets and faces opposite direction* What you think about doing: Mum- WAKE UP! SCHOOL TIME! Me: *pulls knife from under covers and makes angry, evil face* GO AWAY!
  • History tests today: Who found England? History tests in 30 years: What was twerking?


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