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  • do i need to say anymore
  • creeper are like girl on there period when someone get to close to them they blow up
  • the best peom for you.......... 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you I love you
  • Mom: You Should Be Greatful You Have Mom And Dad Me: I Am Greatful I Just Wish I Had More Freedom Mom: Yound Lady You Dont Talk Back To You Mom Like That. Me:*really*

Favorite Quotes (7)

  • mom : why wont you tell me who you like me : becouse then you use it to get back at me . days later mom: see you like lah and you cant even clean your room me: see why I dont tell you stuff
  • Should Donald Trump Be President: A) No B) A C) B
  • When your crush send you cute things like: "Who is this?" and "How did you get my number!?"
  • That moment your headphones don't work and your music starts blaring out loud in the middle of class


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